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Ibiza is born under the sign of Scorpio therefore it is land of magnetism and occultism as well as metamorphosis and recuperation.

Important figures

ANTONI RIQUER (1773-1846)
He was born in the area of Sa Marina, embarked as a young man and is known as the most famous corsair of Ibiza due to his exploits.
As the nonconformist that he was, went to Cartagena to free the colonel Torrijos who was captured during the uprising against the absolutist government of Fernando VII.
However Torrijos was executed and Antoni Riquer Arabi was paradoxically forgiven for his services to the crown.

Slavery was a very common practice in the island, it was the result of the corsair attack to the North of Africa.
Although halfway through 1600 it was dictated by royal order to take all slaves out of Ibiza, "The Universitat", a government organisation, opposed it. Thus in 1820, two centuries after, slavery was still present in Ibiza.
There was even a case that arrived to the court: the case of María Flores. She was captured in Algiers when she was 2 years old and made a slave. Years after that, when she was 45 years old and had a 15 year old daughter, she was bought by Bernat Guach, who was supported by her. In 1824 the slave was set free by the Royal grace of Fernando VII.

Gods and goddesses

The great goddess left as spiritual legacy the people Phenician-Carthaginian, who also knew her by the name of Astarté.
She is the goddess of love, fertility and also death. She is the moon goddess. Her symbols are the dove and the grenade.
Her most important sanctuary was in Es Cuieram, where probably the "molks", firstborn children from rich families, were offered and sacrificed. The children were taken to a sacred place and there their throats were slit in a way of sacrifice to Tanit or Baal. Thus, gods rejuvenated and renovated their power in order to protect the city.
The sanctuary of Tanit had many priests, men and women, as well as public officers and servants to its service; some among the last were prostitutes in the interests of the sanctuary's economy.

The biggest islet of Ibiza, with 3,000 km. long by almost 1 km2 wide. It is the only place in the North hemisphere where there is a complete astral conjunction, astrological phenomenon which can also be seen in the Pascua Island, in the South hemisphere. It may be for this reason that this island is considered, because it is whale-shaped, to be an UFO base.
People used to say that witches came to the island in the night of Saint John to pick herbs for their magic potion.

It is easy to let our imagination run free looking at this crag that rises from the sea. Thus, some people like to consider the pyramid island as a huge accumulator of energy which is, of course, used by the aliens.
But it is true that there is a true testimony of the enigmatic magnetism that produces Es Vedrà.
Father Carmelite Francisco Palau, politically exiled and banished to the chapel of Es Cubells, retired voluntarily to the loneliness of Es Vedrà and there, between meditations and prayers had a vision: "…She was white as the moonlight, the mountain was full of glory of God…", "…And I saw the daughter of the eternal Father in all her beauty as it is possible to the mortal eye…", "… And a voice said to me: do not look, because it is a mystery."

Fantastic begins

He was a good being. At dawn in the night of Saint John there is a herb that almost disappears in a sudden; you can have a fameliar if you pick the little flower and put it in a dark bottle.
It is an ugly goblin that jumps and says "feina o menjar", "eat or work" and you're obliged to give him either one of them because if not it won't stop bothering (it is said that he builds walls in just one night). He will stay calm if you shake a blessed olive tree branch on him or say magic prayers.


He has short legs, goatee, threatening husky voice and all he says has sexual connotations; he is rebel and naughty. His favourite places are wells and tanks. He enjoys himself pulling the rope of the jug so it can't be lifted. He calms down eating cheese.
His name comes after verrugas (warts); it is the barrugets who make the warts to appear on the fingers of the spinners.


He is invisible, moves with the wind and appears at night, thus causing insomnia. It is not known if it is a spirit or a supernatural being.

Magic and witchcraft
There are remedies against the evil but although they are superstitions, what are we to believe?
Magic remedy against warts: crush them until there is blood and spread it on three small stones. Then take the stones, wrap them in paper and leave them somewhere in the way. The person that comes near them will suffer from warts and the other will be cured.

Gather seven small rocks on the way. The person that takes apart the pile will also take the sty as his.

This has to be done in the night of Saint John. Put lead or melted wax in a recipient, add three beans and put it under the bed. Pretty soon you will have a husband or a wife.

At dusk, three times a week the young boys courted the marriageable girls, who couldn't reject them if they were not engaged.
In the main room of the house and in front of the father the girl received them by turns, one suitor after the other, listening to them equally without expressing preferences nor disdain. The compromise was evident once the girl went to church, to the main mass, with the fingers filled with rings.
As a gesture to honour the girl, the boy used to shoot a weapon to her feet and she was supposed not to be frightened. If he fired at her back it was a sign of mockery and disdain.

If a man was rejected by the woman he was courting and she therefore chose another man, he would go to her house and sprinkle prickle pear's leaves, to insult the fiancé (thick!), or straw, to insult the fiancée (filthy!), all over her garden and surroundings.

Weapons were frequently used and received as legacy from fathers to sons. On his son's 10th anniversary the father gave him a knife showing that he was no longer a boy but a mature person, which also meant that the son had the right and obligation to work and take care of the estate.

The ritual when a person died was to tell it to the neighbours, who will also tell it to some others until it was common knowledge. They went to the neighbours' houses, yelled it or whistle it with a code that they all understood. Once all the neighbours knew about it and there was no one left to tell, one member of the family went to a tree or a stone and said the message out loud, thus avoiding the possibility of him or someone else in his family dying.

Purely from Ibiza
Although nowadays the people from Ibiza has little to do with their ancestors there are still customs that last: they usually put a nickname, malnon, to the people. The objective of this was simple, to make it easier to call someone since in-breeding was common in the society back at that time and surnames repeated over and over again. Nicknames were basically the description of someone's attributes not something to make fun of. They were related to the people's profession, physical characteristics, data about their properties, etc. Nicknames substituted their real names and surnames and sons inherited from their parents.

It was the weapon used by corsairs in Ibiza. It was a kind of bottle which had the centre narrowed and where a inflammable burlap fuse was rolled with a combustible primer at the end. The safety seal was taken off, the fuse lighted and thrown to the enemy boat so the gunpowder exploded when crashing thus destroying everything around it.

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